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Lohmann & Rauscher Inc

PO Box 19007
Topeka, KS 66619-0007 United States
Phone:(785) 862-1100
Toll Free Number:(800) 279-7711
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UMDC Code: 441169
Fax: (785) 862-2860
Email: customerservice@us.lrmed.com
Website: http://www.lohmann-rauscher.us
Company Type: Private
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Importer
Sales Channels: Direct

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Actico TPS
Actico TPS is the stocking of choice for during and after surgery and for bedridden patients. This product is a medical thrombo-prophylactic stocking which aids the venous return of blood and thus prevents the formation of clots. This product is especially beneficial for prone patients.
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Compression Therapy-Retention-Support & Relief
As a conscientious partner in medical practices and hospitals, L&R’s mission is to improve patients’ quality of life which is why, as part of its portfolio of medical products, L&R offers a wide range of bandages and dressings. These products are used for wound care and compression, retention, support and pressure relief for joints and muscles. Sterile bandages and latex-free products for exacting customers are also available.
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Dauerbinde K/F
Long-stretch and variable compression-these attributes characterize Dauerbinde K and Dauerbinde F. Both versions are used as supporting and pressure-relieving dressings for ligaments and joints. Because long-stretch bandages have a high resting pressure, they must be removed when the patient is resting and at night. Because these bandages are so easy to use even those who have little experience applying bandages can apply them. These bandages conform well to the body, are not very bulky and are both sturdy and easy to clean
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Fortelast Fortelast Plus
Lengthwise Elastic Adhesive Bandage
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Panelast PrO2
Panelast and Panelast PrO2 stay put: Two versions of this adhesive bandage with lengthwise and widthwise stretch are available with different types of adhesive. It is used for compression of limbs (permanent bandages) in phlebology and as a base or anchoring layer for tape applications in traumatology and sports medicine. It also provides support and pressure relief in cases of sprains, contusions and dislocations. This adhesive bandage is also used for follow-up treatment of fractures.
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medium retractive force, fine surface structure, compression bandages with a gentle massaging effect.
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Perfekta Cohesive
Tapering parts of the body that are frequently in motion require special cohesive long-stretch bandages. Perfekta cohesive is a permanent elastic long-stretch bandage with a textured surface on both sides for a good grip. It is used as a supportive and pressure-relieving bandage for prophylactic pressure relief of the ligament capsule system, as well as for the prevention of haematomas and for contusions, sprains, dislocations and tendon tears. This product can also be used as a compression bandage.
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Porelast PrO2
One of the advantages of Porelast and Porelast PrO2 adhesive bandages is that they do not significantly restrict the natural movements of the joints they are applied to. These adhesive bandages with lengthwise stretch are available with two types of adhesive. They can be used as permanent compression bandages in phlebology and as functional bandages in sports medicine. They also provide support and pressure relief for contusions, sprains and dislocations
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Two features usefully combined: the Porodress adhesive bandage stretches widthwise but not lengthwise and has a strong adhesive. As a result, this bandage is used primarily for stirrups in cases of capsular ligament lesions, muscle and tendon injuries or disorders. It is also used for correction and extension, especially in combination with compressive Porelast circular turns of the bandage. Because the material is coated with porous adhesive it is permeable to water vapour and air, providing good ventilation, even when the turns of the bandage overlap.
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Pro-ophta Eye Cushion Pads
Pro-ophta Eye Cushion Pads are the product of choice when a very soft and comfortable product with completely sealed edges is needed to care for postoperative wounds, to protect and dress eye injuries or to apply medicinal products to the eye. The eye cushion pad’s slim design and oval shape provides optimal eye protection for spectacle wearers as well.
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Pro-ophta Eye Drainage Set
The Pro-ophta Eye Drainage Set is used to drain fluids from the surgical field during surgical procedures on the eye. This is done by placing the drainage strip in the eyelid. Because of the high absorbency of the drainage strip, the fluid drains from the surgical field of its own accord. The self-adhesive fluid collection pouch included can hold up to 80 mL. The Pro-ophta Eye Drainage Strip is composed of low-linting, biocompatible polyvinyl alcohol and minimises the feeling of having a foreign body in the eye and eyelid.
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Pro-ophta Eye Dressing Pad
The high-loft oval Pro-ophta eye dressing pad with gauze layers on both sides is used for postoperative eye care or injuries to the external eye. The eye dressing pad is open at the sides making it very absorbent. The core is composed of eye-grade cotton wool and the outer layers are made of 28-count 100% cotton gauze. It can also be used to apply pharmaceuticals to the eyes.
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Pro-ophta Junior
Pro-ophta Junior is used as an opaque covering for the eye during occlusion therapy, for example, to treat strabismus or amblyopia. The adhesive dressing is designed especially for the sensitive skin around children’s eyes. The adhesive is applied in strips to the extremely thin nonwoven fabric
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Pro-ophta Protective Eye Padding Ring
After intraocular surgery the eye needs to be protected from mechanical irritations. The Pro-ophta Protective Eye Padding Ring is designed to be used underneath perforated eye shields. The advantages: Natural eyelid function is maintained and air can easily circulate around the eye. The protective eye padding ring is especially well suited for postoperative care of cataract or eyelid surgery
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Rosidal CC
Holds steady: The second TCS system component is a short-stretch compression bandage. Rosidal CC (Cohesive Compression) is very easy to apply at full stretch and, thanks to the Safe-Loc system, no indicators are needed. The latex-free cohesive coating ensures a secure hold straight away. The material is fine and not bulky thus ensuring good flexibility at the ankle. With the short stretch compression bandage, feet will still fit comfortably in shoes.
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Rosidal haft
Cohesive short stretch bandages are recommended for treating vascular disease, such as venous disorders or varicose veins, and lymphological diseases. This powerful compressive bandage is used for compression of the limbs in phlebological and lymphological diseases.
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Rosidal K Elko Rosidal K
To achieve the desired treatment outcome, bandages are required to be elastic and exert pressure at the same time. The Rosidal K short-stretch bandage offers powerful compression but is also a short stretch ‘textile-elastic’ bandage. It is used to provide powerful compression of the limbs in phlebology. This bandage is also used to treat acute and chronic lymphoedema and to provide support and pressure relief in traumatology and sports medicine.
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Rosidal SC
One bandage-multiple functions: The soft compression bandage-the first component in the TCS system-integrates safety and skin protection in one product. Rosidal SC (Soft Compression) distributes pressure evenly and makes the bandage less likely to slip. Thanks to its integrated textile bottom side, it also protects sensitive skin from irritation offering an advantageous solution in lymphology and phlebology as the first layer under compression bandages. Rosidal SC is an excellent addition in itself and as a system component for Rosidal Lymph.
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Varicex is a bandage saturated with zinc paste. It is ready for use and saves time when applying semi-rigid permanent bandages in thrombophlebitis, oedema treatment, chronic venous insufficiency, lower leg ulcers in the healing phase and follow-up care of fractures.
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