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AEI Technologies Inc

300 William Pitt Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15238 United States
Phone:(630) 548-3545
Toll Free Number:(800) 793-7751
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Overview: AEI Technologies, Inc. continues to manufacture and market the Applied Electrochemistry line of gas analyzers. These instruments have been the Gold Standard in gas analysis for over 25 years.
The AEI Technologies products consist of Metabolic Cart & Measurement Systems, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzers, Respirometry Systems, Ergometers, Data Acquisition System, and Pumps/Flowmeters. These products are primarily focused on research, teaching, and clinical applications in biology, physiology, and sports medicine.
UMDC Code: 450602
Fax: (630) 548-3546
Email: info@aeitechnologies.com
Website: http://www.aeitechnologies.com
Company Type: Private
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Exporter/Servicer
Sales Channels: Direct/Distributors

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The AEI Technologies S-3A O2 and CD-3A CO2 Gas Analyzer Systems have the capability of achieving high-accuracy gas measurements. Primary Standard Calibration Gases are required to achieve the optimum accuracy and performance of the analyzers for research applications. The Calibration Gas Module includes the gases and equipment necessary to accurately calibrate the S-3A and CD-3A Analyzers.
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Cardio Stress ECG
Cardio Card: PC based stress ECG (stress PC ECG) / PC EKG (Electrocardiograph) system (Desk-top or notebook formats). Simultaneous PC based ECG (12 Lead PC ECG) / PC EKG Diagnostic acquisition. Windows: poin & click user interface. Real time 3, 6 or 12 lead color display of ECG / EKG complex. 5 - 15 ft. Patient ECG / EKG Cable w/ locking replaceable leads (plus 3 ft).
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The CARDIOVIT AT-10 plus has a famous ancestor. The legendary AT-10 introduced in 1993 was far ahead of its time. And it still is today. The „CardioLaptop, the compact diagnosis station with its outstanding performance, has convinced more than 20,000 customers worldwide. It is even used in the international space station ISS. Its unique concept is strictly continued with the AT-10 plus.
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CD-3A Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
The Model CD-3A Carbon Dioxide Analyzer provides a continuous and accurate measurement of gases containing up to 15% CO2. The Model CD-3A has the rapid response necessary for breath-bybreath analysis during respiration. It is also ideal for laboratory applications requiring high accuracy and sensitivity.
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A flowmeter specified as ±2 percent of Full Scale is most accurate at full scale. If full scale is 300 cc/min, then the uncertainty for all readings is ±6 cc/min. The F-1440 is specified as ±2 percent of Reading and has an uncertainty of ±2 percent of the actual reading from full scale all the way down to a specified lower limit. The F-1440, therefore, provides dependable accuracy over a wide range of flowrates.
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MAX-II / MAX-IIa Metabolic Systems
OXYGEN ANALYZER: Paramagnetic sensor. Range 0 - 100% Oxygen, accuracy, linearity and repeatability are better than 0.03% of Oxygen from 10% - 21% Oxygen. Stability is better than 0.01% of Oxygen per hour. A 4-1/2 digit front panel display has a resolution of 0.01% Oxygen, front panel controls with vernier dials are provided for low and high calibration.
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MOXUS Modular Metabolic System
The most stable and repeatable respirometry components: S-3A/I Oxygen Analyzer; ± 0.01% Accuracy; CD-3A Carbon Dioxide Analyzer; ± 0.02% Accuracy; Breath Volume Measurement System; < 1% Accuracy Typical; Breath-by-breath measurements using ultra-fast; 100-millisecond response time analyzers. 4.2 Liter Active Mixing Chamber for accuracy. Dual-Stage Nafion Dryer for near-ideal water vapor removal.
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The AEI Technologies R-1 and R-2 Flow Controllers are commonly used as an integral part of any gas measurement system. Either Flow Controller is frequently used in conjunction with the S-3A Oxygen analyzer and CD-3A Carbon Dioxide analyzer. The Model R-1 includes a flow meter, pump, and a needle valve in a single cabinet. Model R-2 (shown above) includes 2 flow meters, pump, and 2 needle valves.
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S-3A/I and S-3A/II Oxygen Analyzers
The Applied Electrochemistry Model S-3A Oxygen Analyzer continuously measures the concentration of oxygen. There are two models: The S-3A/I Single-Channel Analyzer and the S-3A/II Dual-Channel Analyzer. Both instruments feature the same high accuracy, rapid response, and fine sensitivity.
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Trackmaster TMX425
User Capacity - 400lbs. Frame: 10 guage steel side rails; 12 guage steel motor pan; Powder coat. Drive System; Heavy duty 2.2 HP AC inverter drive; 110V, 60 Hz, 20A; 208/220V, 60 Hz, 15A. Running Surface 22 x 63 cushioned, lubricated, low-profile (7 1/2 from floor). Double-sided running deck. Floor Surface Requirements 33 x 88 level surface.
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Trackmaster TMX425C
Manual Controller Large, bright LED display; Two built-in accessory holders; Exercise time limit; Speed/elevation capture software. Dual stop switches; Cool-down command; Calories/METS based on inputted. user weight RS232 Interface.
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Trackmaster TMX425CP
Programmable Controller Large, bright LED display 8 Adjustable programmed workouts 20 Programmable workouts, 10 stages each Exercise time limit Speed/elevation capture software Dual stop switches Cool-down command Calories/METS based on inputted user weight Quick-start command RS232 Interface.
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The Valiant offers a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h and is continuously adjustable in a range of 0,5 - 20 km/h (0.3 - 12 mph). The treadmill can be controlled with the control unit or by external equipment. Together with the elevation of 0-25%, this treadmill is the solution for use in cardiology, pulmonary function and physiotherapy settings.
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