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North Coast Medical Inc

8100 Camino Arroyo
Gilroy, CA 95020 United States
Phone:(408) 776-5000
Toll Free Number:(800) 821-9319
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Overview: North Coast Medical, Inc. specializes in supplying products to the rehabilitation industry as a manufacturer, direct importer and wholesale distributor. Frank and Loretta Biehl founded North Coast Medical in 1974 with one desire: to help therapists gain accessibility to products. Initially, the business began distribution of occupational therapy and hand therapy products out of a small office, utilizing the family garage as an extended warehouse. Through the years, diversification into physical therapy and other healthcare arenas necessitated large inventory levels and operational efficiencies. Today, with distribution from both the east and west coast, North Coast Medical is committed to providing customers with the most appropriate products faster than ever before.
UMDC Code: 106745
Email: custserv@ncmedical.com
Website: http://www.ncmedical.com
Company Type: Private
Business Started: 1974
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Distributor/Importer/Exporter
Sales Channels: Direct/Distributors

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3pp Buddy Loop
Soft, foam-lined material provides a light cushion between fingers for protection, comfort and light control. Use one or two 3pp Buddy Loop as needed for control. For larger hands or longer fingers, a wider one-inch strap at the base of the fingers combined with a half-inch strap near the fingertips is recommended. Loops measure 5" (13cm) long and fit most fingers. Available in black or grey. Machine washable.
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3pp Final Flexion Wrap
The 3pp Final Flexion Wrap allows the wearer to adjust force to tolerance for fast, successful treatment. Easy one handed application and easy-to-adjust tension helps restore motion quick and comfortably. Foam lining distributes pressure and holds the wrap in place for improved control. One size fits most, however that splints are properly prescribed and fit, you should see your health care provider before ordering so they may assist you in choosing the correct size. Latex free.
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3pp Finger Trapper
The most comfortable way to apply traction for post-op or dynamic splinting applications. FoamWrap material is breathable and cool to wear. Easy to customize for optimal fit. 3pp Finger Trapper is designed for maximum adjustability and ease of fit. Eyelets allow application of traction lines. Circumferential design assists with edema control. Can be washed repeatedly and is long lasting with proper care.
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3pp Side Step Splint
Easy to wear splint helps correct finger deviation from arthritis or injury. Adjustable 3pp Side Step Splint applies gentle tension to straighten the PIP and DIP finger joint. Ideal to prevent the progression of deformity in osteoarthritis. May help reduce the formation of Heberden's or Bouchard's nodes. Can also be used to treat collateral ligament and ligament injuries. To size, measure length from MP crease to fingertip and width at proximal phalanx. Fits right or left hand. If between sizes, choose larger size. Soft straps and pads are latex free.
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3pp Step Down Splint
Applies gentle, adjustable force to restore finger PIP or DIP flexion. Lightweight 3pp Step Down Splint allows the wearer to control the force to gradually flex fingers. Helps reduce a mild to severe contracture caused by a fractured, jammed finger or tendon injury. To restore the final degrees of flexion, use a 3-Point Final Flexion Wrap. Soft straps and pads are latex free. To size, measure length from MP crease to fingertip and width at proximal phalanx. Fits right or left hand. If between sizes, choose larger size.
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3pp Step Up Splint
Restore PIP or DIP extension.Static progressive 3pp Step Up Splint provides adjustable tension to decrease mild to severe IP flexion contractures. Splint base stabilizes the MP ande rotates to allow altering the angle of pull. Sizing and fitting by a health care provider is recommended. Soft foam-lined straps and pads are latex free. Measure length from web space (MP crease) to fingertip and width at proximal phalanx. If between sizes, choose larger size.
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Abductor Shoulder Sling Support
Secures arm and shoulder in an abducted position for effective healing and comfort. Made of dense, contoured foam with a removable cover. Use following shoulder dislocations or subluxations, strains, post-surgical anterior shoulder repairs and rotator cuff repairs. Great for cast forearms and wrists. Allows the arm to rest in a range of positions. Pillow location helps prevent internal rotation contractures that can occur from conventional sling use. Arm positioning allows air exchange at the axilla and provides 15° of shoulder abduction.
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Arco Shoulder Support
Provides support for painful, weak, unstable or hypermobile shoulders. Ideal for orthopedic and neurological conditions. Can be worn under clothing. Adjust the three non-stretch straps to restrict shoulder motions such as retraction of the scapula, while limiting rotation and abduction for subluxation conditions. Straps require minimal tightening so the risk of circulatory problems is decreased. Chest strap is padded under the axilla for added comfort. Sleeve opening with "grip" liner allows better humeral fit and less migration.
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CMO Standard and Bariatric Knee Braces
The CMO Standard and Bariatric Knee Braces helps stabilize lateral/medial collateral ligaments.
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EpiTrain Elbow Support
Breathable knit support with silicone inserts for regulated elbow compression. This lightweight, anatomically knit fabric support stimulates circulation and enhances metabolism to promote accelerated recovery. Use the EpiTrain Elbow Support for treatment of lateral epicondylitis, medial epicondylitis, pre- and post-operative elbow conditions, elbow strains or sprains, chronic swelling and edema, and arthritis/osteoarthritis. Features two contoured silicone inserts that surround the medial and lateral elbow bones and lay over the flexor and extensor muscles.
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Equalizer Premium Walker
Affordable, anatomically conforming alternatives to the short leg cast. Contoured strut design, ensuring anatomical conformity and a better fit. The unique shock absorbing sole reduces the impact of heel strike during ambulation. Rocker bottom is engineered to be low and wide to promote a natural, stable gait. Indicated for soft tissue injuries, stable fractures and post-operative use. Standard Walker Small measures 14-3/4" (37cm), the Medium and Large measure 16-1/4" (41cm), and all Low Top Walker sizes measure 12-1/4" (32cm). Walkers are available in five sizes.
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KneedIT Knee Bands
KneedIT Knee Bands are effective for minor knee pain associated with arthritis, tendinitis and chondromalacia. Absorbs shock at the knee and provides warm, concentrated compression. As the knee moves, gentle pressure is applied along the medial and lateral soft tissues.
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Norco Universal Envelope Arm Sling
Supports the forearm to help relieve stress on the shoulder. Ideal for casted forearms/wrists and for shoulder injuries. Cotton blend material with webbing straps and a foam-padded shoulder protector. Fastens with hook and loop. Metal buckle allows strap adjustment. Sling measures 18" long x 9" tall (46 x 23cm). Machine washable. One size fits most.
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Otto Bock Shoulder Support
Elastic shoulder support provides warmth and a conforming fit. Made of 1/8" (3.2mm) Thermopreneu . Use to treat inflammation, pain or mild instabilities of the shoulder joint. Elastic strap and D-ring attachment in front allow for easy donning and doffing, and help prevent discomfort and pinching under the opposite arm. Sleeve opening allows for a custom fit around arm.
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Preformed Neutral Position Hand Orthosis
Preformed Neutral Position Hand Orthosis is made of 1/8" (3.2mm) splinting material , Use for CVA clients or persons in a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation program.
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Safe Position Burn Orthosis
Safe Position Burn Orthosis is made of 1/8" (3.2mm) coated, beige Spectrum splinting material. Modify with a heat gun or by immersing in 160°F (71°C) water.
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Snoopy Arm Sling
Ideal for treating brachial plexus injury.Snoopy Arm Sling supports the hand, arm and shoulder. Can be used for the rehabilitation of conditions such as CP, post humeral fracture, brachial plexus injury and shoulder-girdle weakness/flaccidity. Strap adjusts with a metal buckle and secures with hook and loop. Sizes measure sling dimensions. Hand wash and air dry. Latex free. Fits left or right arm.
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Standard Hemi Arm Sling
Elbow-securing strap gives extra support. Supports the hand, arm and shoulder. Straps are adjusted easily with metal buckles. Adjustable strap between forearm cuffs is secured with hook and loop fasteners. Once fitted, the Standard Hemi Arm Sling can be donned and doffed without assistance. Wrist cuff measures 9-1/2" x 5-1/2" (24 x 14cm). Elbow cuff measures 10" x 5" (25 x 13cm). Hand wash and air dry. Latex free.Fits left or right arm.
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