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ACI Medical LLC

1857 Diamond St
San Marcos, CA 92078 United States
Phone:(760) 744-4400
Toll Free Number:(888) 453-4356
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Overview: ACI Medical, LLC, is a biomedical engineering firm engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of therapeutic products and technologies for individuals with varying degrees of life-impairing vascular conditions. With 22 years experience in bringing innovative healthcare products to market, ACI is committed to developing, producing and distributing the highest-quality products for patients, consumers and healthcare partners. ACI holds exclusive rights to several U.S. patents that are the foundation of its hallmark device, the ArtAssist.
UMDC Code: 160751
Fax: (760) 744-4401
Email: info@acimedical.com
Website: http://www.acimedical.com
Company Type: Private
Business Started: 1984
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Exporter/Leases
Quality Regulations: ISO13485
Sales Channels: Direct

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ArtAssist The Arterial Assist Device
The ArtAssist device is a home-use medical treatment designed to increase blood flow without surgery so that wounds can heal and patients can keep their limbs. ArtAssist Device therapy is recommended for: Peripheral arterial disease (PAD); Diabetic foot ulcers; Arterial ulcers; Intermittent claudication (walking pain); Rest pain; Critical limb ischemia (CLI).
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The VenaPulse device generates static, tourniquet pressure to limbs of patients undergoing vascular testing. Vascular technologists can operate it with a foot switch so that their hands are free to perform other tasks. The tourniquet pressure is reached very rapidly and the tourniquet cuff is deflated very rapidly with approximately 300 millisecond rise and fall times. Inflation and deflation can be controlled either with a foot switch or with a manual switch.
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This venous pump was designed to provide better patient compliance and to significantly improve venous velocities. The VenAssist Venous Pump applies external pneumatic compression (EPC) for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Comfortable cuffs are applied to the lower limbs of patients at risk for DVT. The cuffs contain two air bladders, one positioned at the foot/ankle region and the other at the calf.
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ArtAssist The Arterial Assist Device
The ArtAssist device is the only external pneumatic compression device optimized for increasing arterial blood flow. Clinical studies have determined the optimal parameters (timing, pressure, intervals, bladder size and placement, patient position) to maximize blood flow. Arterial blood flow improvements are observed using duplex ultrasonic imaging and at the tissue level in the foot using laser Doppler fluximetry.
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VenaPulse rapidly inflates and deflates tourniquet pressures with a foot switch, so your hands are free. Compact, Integral Unit; Portable; Standardized Augmentations; Adjustable Pressure; Bilateral. VenaPulse leads the way in facilitating the intensive task of vascular imaging.
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VenAssist activates the foot pump and empties the calf muscle veins for significantly higher venous velocities at popliteal and femoral levels. It applies progressive, rapid compression to the foot, ankle and calf regions. Size – 10" wide, 12" high, 7 ¾" deep. The top handle adds 1 in height. Power cord – 9 feet long, hospital grade plug, universal female.
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