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Bauerfeind USA Inc

55 Chastain Rd Suite 112
Kennesaw, GA 30144 United States
Phone:(770) 429-8330
Toll Free Number:(800) 423-3405
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Overview: Bauerfeind USA was founded in 1985 in Kennesaw, GA as a subsidiary of Bauerfeind AG. Bauerfeind USA shares the same corporate vision of Bauerfeind Germany to provide superior products to help people live fulfilling, active lives, at any age. Our supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic supports help you to maintain and regain health. They increase wellbeing and ensure greater quality of life! Product lines include Compression Stockings, Supports and Orthoses, Insoles and Measurement Technology. Tradition of excellence and unrivaled commitment to quality are the driving forces behind everything we Bauerfeind does.In 2010 celebrating their 25th year in the US, Bauerfeind USA has opened a new store and performance center in Marietta, Georgia offering the best in sports and medical supports! Bauerfeind's products are made with all people in mind, our many years of experience and the knowledge gained from supplying athletes and consumers alike is incorporated into the ongoing development of their products. At the new, Bauerfeind USA store and performance center they offer cutting edge diagnostic technologies, ideas and new product innovations. Some of the innovative measuring technologies available at Bauerfeind USA are innovative BodyTronic, Image 3D measuring system for compression therapy, MediLogic foot pressure measuring system, the SpinalMouse for measurement of the Spinal Column, and VenoScan to check vein health.
UMDC Code: 176091
Fax: (770) 429-8477
Email: info@bauerfeindusa.com
Website: http://www.bauerfeindusa.com
Company Type: Private
Business Started: 1985
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Distributor/Importer
Quality Regulations: ISO9002/CE_MARK
Sales Channels: Direct/Reps/Distributors
Total Sales: 7000000
Number of Employees: 28

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DorsoTrain Active support with stabilizing functional elements
If the back is stiff and bent and can no longer be fully straightened without assistance, Dor-soTrain can help.
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EpiPointStabilizing support for the treatment of tennis elbow
The EpiPoint stabilizing support relieves tendon pain such as tennis elbow (epicondylitis lateral) and similar muscle and tendon attachment site irritation or inflammation.
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EpiTrainActive support for targeted compression of the elbow
Tennis elbow or golfers elbow can cause irritation and pain that inhibits activity and performance.
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ErgoPad work Dynamic support. Active protection.
The dual component active core foot orthosis from the synthetics sector has been specially designed for both work and leisure in everyday life.
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GloboTec comfort business
The GloboTec comfort business is available in various designs and, consequently, is ideally suited to the everyday needs of your feet in the workplace and fits the general dimensions of business shoes.
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GloboTec comfort sports
The GloboTec comfort sports has been specially designed for active people who want an effective and comfortable performance product.
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GloboTec orthosis systems
GloboTec is a unique range of specialized foot orthoses. The many different designs vary in terms of the materials used, construction and areas of use.
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LordoLoc Stabilizing support for relief of the lumbar spine
LordoLoc is suitable for use as a back support for the stabilization of the lumbar spine, for example in the event of chronic lumbar
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LumboLoc / LumboLoc ES Stabilizing orthosis for relief of the lumbar spine
In the event of pain in the lumbar spine (lumbar vertebral syndrome) or moderate muscle weakness, LumboLoc aligns the lumbar spine and relieves the intervertebral discs.
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LumboLoc Forte ES Stabilizing orthosis for optimal spinal posture and relie
In cases of lumbar vertebral syndrome or severe muscular weakness of the spine, LumboLoc Forte acts as a fixed support on the lumbar spine.
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LumboPlus Functional orthosis for the graduated support of the lumbar and l
LumboPlus provides emergency treatment in the event of a prolapse (intervertebral disk prolapse) or muscular degeneration.
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LumboTrain (Lady) Active support for muscular stabilization of the lumbar s
Lumbago, sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD): there are many names for pain in the lower back. LumboTrain active supports can help.
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ManuLoc Stabilizing orthosis for immobilization of the wrist
ManuLoc is a wrist brace which is prescribed for use following diagnosis of irritative conditions of the wrist such as carpal tunnel syndrome or after an operation or other irritation.
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In the case of irritation and combination injuries that affect the wrist as well as the thumb carpometacarpal joint and thumb basal joint.
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ManuTrain Active support for the wrist
In cases of tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon in the wrist), arthritis of the wrist or following injury, ManuTrain takes the strain off your wrist and provide pain relief.
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OmoTrain Active support for early functional treatment of the shoulder join
Shoulder complaints following injury or surgery, or caused by osteoarthritis, OmoTrain stabilizes the shoulder joint and provides secure joint guidance during movement thanks to its special strap system.
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OmoTrain S Active support for neuromuscular stabilization of the shoulder j
The OmoTrain S support provides secure support for the shoulder joint and strongly promotes mobility in order to restore function.
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RhizoLoc Stabilizing orthosis for stabilization of the thumb saddle and fir
Thumb joint injuries, such as tears or sprain to the collateral ligaments ("skier's thumb"), or for indications of osteoarthritis
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SacroLoc / SacroLoc ES Stabilizing orthosis for relief of the pelvis and th
The SacroLoc orthosis can provide the correct support for sacroiliac joint syndrome (SI joint syndrome) and pain.
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SofTec Dorso Multifunctional orthosis for straightening and stabilizing the
The SofTec Dorso multi-purpose orthosis is used in cases of vertebral displacement (spondylodesis), and also after operations on tumors, and to keep fractures immobile.
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SofTec Lumbo Multifunctional orthosis for stabilization of the lower spine
An injury or condition of the lumbar spinal column causing lower lumbar pain and instability such as vertebral displacement (spondylolisthesis) or lower lumbar vertebral fractures, mobilization of the muscles of the back can be promoted with varying degrees of intensity using the modular orthosis SoftTec Lumbo allowing for proper promotion of mobility and greater gains throughout rehabilitation.
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TRIactive Durable. Powerful. Efficient.
The 3-zone foot orthosis is specially designed for sporty and active people.
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VenoTrain - micro balance Wearing comfort and Skin Care in one
People with vein disorders frequently suffer from dry and itchy skin. As a response, Bauerfeind has developed VenoTrain micro balance, the first compression stocking in the world with an integrated skin care complex.
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VenoTrain business
The ideal companion at work – all day every day. Sitting or standing for prolonged periods can lead to heavy, often swollen legs and varicose veins.
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VenoTrain micro -The stylish compression stocking for a sense of wellbeing
The most popular compression stocking with the highest level of customer satisfaction is the VenoTrain micro.
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VenoTrain soft -The gentle compression stocking with a strong effect
If you want to do your legs a favor, treat yourself to a regular massage – with VenoTrain soft. The fine knit of this compression stocking is specially designed to gently massage your skin and stimulate your circulation.
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VenoTrain sport - Feel the activating power.
The first sport stocking that meets RAL requirements for medical compression stockings and is perfectly adapted to the needs of athletes.
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VenoTrain ulcertec-The special compression stocking for the treatment of ve
Venous ulcers are the most severe type of chronic vein problem. VenoTrain ulcertec has been developed to provide a successful and comfortable compression therapy solution for this condition.
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ViscoHeel Viscoelastic heel cushions for relief of tendons, ligaments and j
ViscoHeel is suitable for reducing shock loads on the ankle, knee and hip joints, for example in the case of osteoarthritis of the foot, knee or hip joints, endoprostheses, pain in the Achilles tendon region (achillodynia)
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ViscoPed S Viscoelastic insoles for the reduction of shock loads.
In the event of sole pain (plantar pressure pain) or deformities of the forefoot and toes, ViscoPed S distributes and reduces local pressure loads.
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ViscoPed Viscoelastic insoles for the reduction of shock loads.
In the event of sole pain (plantar pressure pain) or deformities of the forefoot and toes, ViscoPed distributes and reduces local pressure loads.
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ViscoSpot Viscoelastic heel cushions for the treatment of heel spurs.
Calcaneal spurs or osteoarthritis can result in severe pain triggered by overloading when walking or standing.
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