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Macken Instruments Inc

3186 Coffey Ln
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 United States
Phone:(707) 566-2110
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Overview: Macken Instruments began 37 years ago as a pioneer in laser test equipment. John Macken founded the company (originally Optical Engineering) to provide tools not yet available to laser researchers and technicians. From the beginning, Macken Instruments has focused on reliable, accurate, and easy to use equipment.We are located in Santa Rosa, California about one hour north of San Francisco but serve a global customer base with the majority of our sales overseas. Our customers are located in over 33 countries, and include such industry leaders as: Rofin Sinar, Coherent, Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, Boston Scientific, GE Nuclear, UC Berkeley Lawrence Labs, II-VI, Trumpf, NIST, and Caterpillar.We manufacture and calibrate instruments for mid to high power laser applications. We are the global leader in handheld calorimeters and our image plates have become standard equipment for laser technicians throughout the world. Our instruments are based on the idea that simplicity is the foundation of long-term accuracy and reliability. Their economical yet reliable nature has allowed our products to find their way across the spectrum in the laser industry, from research laboratories to laser job shops and everything in between.
UMDC Code: 182655
Fax: (707) 566-2119
Email: info@macken.com
Website: http://www.macken.com
Company Type: Private
Business Started: 1969
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Exporter
Quality Regulations: CE_MARK
Sales Channels: Direct
Total Sales: 750000
Number of Employees: 5

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Analog Laser Power Probes
Laser power measurements should be quick and easy. They should not involve time consuming set-up and alignment problems. Ideally, the measurements should also be able to be made at any point in an optical system where losses are likely to occur. Unfortunately, most laser power meters have sacrificed ease of use to gain continuous power readings.
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Beam Probes Model 23-S
The CO2 Laser Beam Probes are hand-held plates designed to simplify the alignment of IR optical systems. They display the laser beam as a dark image on a fluorescent background using the same UV-excited, thermal-sensitive surfaces developed for Macken Instruments Thermal Image Plates.
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CO, HF, and DF Laser Spectrum AnalyzerModel 16-B(CO)
Macken Instruments offers Laser Spectrum Analyzers calibrated for use with CO, HF and DF Lasers similar to our CO2 Laser Spectrum Analyzer. Two different Spectrum Analyzers are offered for CO lasers. As seen from the specifications, Model 16-C(CO) has higher resolution, but a narrower spectral range than Model 16-B(CO). The spectral range of 4.8µ to 5.9µ of the Model 16-C(CO) covers the wavelengths of almost all continuous CO lasers.
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CO2 Laser Spectrum AnalyzerModel 16-A
The CO2 Spectrum Analyzer is a unique grating spectroscope which simultaneously displays all the lasing transactions of a CO2 laser. It is calibrated both in wavelength and rotational line designation to permit easy identification of 140 possible laser transitions between 9.1 and 11.3 µ. These transitions are visually displayed through the use of a UV excited thermal sensitive screen which darkens in the area struck by the IR laser beam.
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Conical Laser Power Probes
Conical Head Power Probes are used to measure high power density CO2 laser beams which may damage the standard flat surfaced Power Probes. The conical absorbing cavity exhibits a high heat dissipation. There are two models of Conical Power Probes: C2K, C4K and C10K. Table 1 below gives specifications for these models. Table 2 gives approximate damage threshold for both the flat surface and conical power probes.
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Near IR Image Plates
The IR Display Plate is a versatile instrument that presents clear, high contrast images of all near IR laser beams. These displays are made on infrared sensitive phosphors which offer a variety of unique features, variable image retention times for pulsed lasers, high resolution for CW YAG, and a good response to gallium arsenide light-emitting diodes. All near IR lasers are capable of being displayed over a wide sensitivity range.
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Thermal Image Plates22-A
For CO2 and Other Molecular Lasers Displays IR Laser Beams. No longer are the firebricks and smoldering paper "tools of the trade" for researchers working with CO2 lasers. Now its possible to see IR laser beams in real time and with high resolution using a Thermal Image Plate from Macken Instruments. The characteristics of this instrument enable it to solve a wide range of problems.
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