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6421 Congress Ave Suite 112
Boca Raton, FL 33487 United States
Phone:(561) 989-8767
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Overview: OPHTEC is continuously setting trends in ophthalmic surgical product innovation thanks to its close contact with internationally leading ophthalmic surgeons and its own ophthalmic clinic.
UMDC Code: 294587
Fax: (561) 989-9744
Email: ophtecusa@aol.com
Website: http://www.ophtec.com
Company Type: Private
Business Started: 1997
Business Lines: Distributor/Importer
Quality Regulations: ISO9001/CE_MARK
Sales Channels: Direct/Distributors
Total Sales: 1000000
Number of Employees: 6

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"J" shaped Cannulae
Specifications: 27g x 22mm (7/8"); "J" shape 1.5mm high x 1.5mm wide.
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Anterior Chamber Cannulae Angle 32° - PO-1000-4
PO-1000-4 4 mm (30g).
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AC 205 Iris Fixation
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ARTISAN Pupil Occluder
An excellent application of the Artisan Fixation Principle is pupil occlusion in cases of intractable diplopia, due to ocular muscle imbalance. The Artisan Pupil Occluder, an all black device, functions as a cover over the pupil. Due to the vaulted configuration it can be applied in both phakic and aphakic eyes. The Artisan Pupil Occluder may be removed, if necessary, to restore vision in case blindness occurs in the fellow eye.
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Capsular Tension Ring
Easy, controlled insertion with specially developed EASYControl Micro Inserter. High flexibility due to Compression Molding Technology. High "springiness" due to special design. Also available in brown for improved visibility during phaco emulsification surgery.
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Clear Corneal Knives - OM200
Clear Corneal Knives have been designed specifically for clear corneal incisions.
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Double Barrel I/A Cannulae (Simcoe) - PO-3003

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Hydrodissection Cannula - PO-7006
27g x 22mm (7/8")
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Irrigating Vectis (2 port) - PO-7002
25g, 4mm width
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Nucleus Hydrodissector/ Rotator (Sinskey) - PO-7015
25g x 22mm (7/8")
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Olive Tip Cannula (curved) - PO-8500
25g x 28mm (1 1/8")
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Olive Tip Capsule Polisher (curved) - PO-8500S
25g x 28mm (1 1/8")
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Optikon Assistant Minimal Stress
The new generation microprocessor based system for the anterior and posterior segments surgery. Assistant is equipped with a Venturi/Peristaltic pump system to fit any surgical technique and any surgeon preference. The user can switch in full flight between the two pumps during the same procedure without need of releasing the footpedal or changing the I/A tubing set. I/A Venturi/Peristaltic sole cassette can be easily inserted and removed.
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Optikon Pulsar 2 Minimal Stress
Modular System for Anterior and Posterior Segment. Reliable, compact, safe, versatile, Pulsar2MinimalStress will meet any surgeons' desires, any institutions' needs. A patented and unique phaco driver minimizes the ultrasonic energy delivered to the eye. The first step for "cool phaco & MICS".
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Precision Implant Knives - Angled - OM 241
Precision Implant Knives are designed to follow the slit blade incision easily while the cutting edges create a precise opening for lens insertion. OM 241 3.2 mm Angled, full Handle, bevel up.
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Slit Knives - Double Bevel - Straight - OM 268
Double Bevel Slit Knives allow straight, smooth penetration without tissue drag. Straight, full Handle, double Bevel 3.5 mm.
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Slit Knives - Straight - OM 255
Precision Slit Knives penetrate easily while making an accurate width incision for optimal fit to the phacoemulsification tip. OM 255 2.65 mm Straight, full Handle.
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Spoon Knives - OM 310
The unique 320° cutting surface and ultra-thin blade enhance precision cutting capabilities where multi-directional techniques are used. OM 310 - 3.2 mm Spoon Knife, angled, double bevel, 320° cutting edge.
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Stab Knives - OM 225
Stab Knives are heat-tempered to provide a strong, true point for easy penetration during initial stab incisions. OM 225 15° Straight , Full Handle.
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Standard Implant Knives - Angled - OM 250
Standard Implant Knives are designed to create a precise incision for lens insertion. OM 250 4.0 mm Angled, full Handle.
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