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LifeWatch Corp

O'Hare International Center II
10255 W Higgins Rd Suite 100
Rosemont, IL 60018 United States
Phone:(847) 720-2100
Toll Free Number:(877) 774-9846
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Overview: LifeWatch is the nation's leading ambulatory health monitoring services company. We offer a comprehensive platform of innovative patient technologies and services that help physicians detect and analyze symptoms before they become major health problems. LifeWatch Corp. enables physicians to establish stronger connections with at-risk patients and provide better guidance to patients. LifeWatch Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LifeWatch AG, a leading healthcare technology and solutions provider listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (LIFE).
UMDC Code: 391866
Fax: (847) 720-2111
Email: info@lifewatch.com
Website: http://www.lifewatch.com
Company Type: Public
Business Started: 1993
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Distributor/Importer/Exporter
Quality Regulations: ISO9001_2000/ISO13485/ISO13488/EN46001/EN46002/CE_MARK
Sales Channels: Direct/Reps/Distributors

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About LifeStar ACT Products
The LifeStar ACT offers broad functionality with its high-performance multi-channel Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry in one simple-to-use system. The ACT system offers up to 30-days of real-time ECG monitoring.
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Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry - CG-6108 ACT
The CG-6108 ACT wireless cardiac telemetry system is a 1 and 3-channel ECG designed for remote arrhythmia monitoring in any location. A small transmitter worn on the patient sends the ECG data to a portable handheld device where it is analyzed. If an arrhythmia is identified, the data is automatically transmitted to a Monitoring Center for immediate review. Integrated into a state-of-the-art mobile phone, the CG-6108 ACT provides next generation cardiac arrhythmia monitoring.
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CG-2206 Personal 1-Lead ECG Monitor
The CG-2206 is a personal 1-lead ECG transmitter that can store up to 6 events in its memory. When convenient, the stored data can be transmitted to a receiving station via the telephone. For evaluating patients with symptomatic episodes suggestive of rate disturbances. Ideal for patients with sensitivity to electrodes. This device has the ability to send medical data to the PMP4 Medical Web Centre.
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CG-2500 King of Hearts Express AF
The King of Hearts Express AF is an easy-to-use cardiac event recorder with autotriggers capable of automatically capturing Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia and Bradycardia. The device has 10 minutes of ECG memory and programmable features that allow it to be adapted to every patients monitoring needs. The data can be transmitted to a receiving center via the telephone.
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CG-6106 Personal 1-Lead ECG Monitor
When activated, the CG-6106 operates in Memory Loop mode, and continuously updates the ECG waveform of the past several minutes in its memory buffer. When a patient feels a symptom, or at pre-determined times, they can activate the Event Recording mode. Intended for evaluating symptomatic episodes suggesting possible rate disturbances; evaluating anti-arrhythmia therapy; and for monitoring cardiac patients when necessary. The data can be transmitted via telephone to the receiving center or to the PMP4 Medical Web Centre.
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CG-6550 3 Channel ECG Recorder & Holter
This 3 Channel ECG Recorder and Holter features dual mode operations of Event Recording (with Autotriggering) and Full Disclosure Holter (removable flash memory mini-disk). The autotriggers can detect and record asymptomatic Arial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia and Pause. The data can be transmitted to a receiving center via the telephone.
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CG-7100 Personal 12-Lead ECG Recorder
This personal 12-lead* ECG transmitter can be used to record either 8-lead ECG in one recording phase, or 12-lead* ECG in three recording phases: rhythm leads and leads I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1, V2 in the first phase, leads V3 and V4 in the second phase, and leads V5 and V6 in the third phase. The data can be transmitted to a receiving center via the telephone. Intended for monitoring gross cardiac morphology changes in ambulatory patients. This device has the ability to send medical data to the PMP4 Medical Web Centre.
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CG-900P Fetal Maternal Monitor
A portable Fetal/Maternal Monitor providing modem transmission of medical data to a healthcare provider. The CG-900P measures fetal heart rate and uterine contractions, and allows data entry of maternal parameters such as non-invasive blood pressure, weight, temperature, blood glucose and urine albumin. The measurements are sent to a physician or medical facility using internal modem or is transmitted Directly to a PC through USB port. The data can be transmitted to the PMP Web Center via the internet network where it is stored in the patients personal medical file for review by the physician
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Explorer Looping Monitor
The Explorer looping monitor continuously records a patients ECG. When an event is manually recorded, the monitor automatically goes into a loop-mode to save the selected pre-symptom portion of the ECG rhythm, while continuing to record a post-symptom portion of the ECG. Patients are monitored with looping cardiac event monitors for up to 30 days.
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Holter Monitoring
The Digitrack Plus digital Holter is a lightweight compact device, utilizing digital "flash memory" technology, and providing a continuous diagnostic 3-channel ECG recording for up to 48 hours. The device may also be set for 3-channel pacemaker annotation. A patient event button and digital clock allow correlation of symptoms and activity with ECG changes. Patented EASIT derived 12-lead ECG view is possible from the 5-lead cable.
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King of Hearts Express
The King of Hearts Express recorder is a pager-sized, looping memory ECG recorder. It is designed to be worn continuously by patients who experience difficult-to-diagnose symptoms such as dizziness and palpitations, which may suggest a cardiac arrhythmia. The device stores up to five minutes of ECG activity that can be downloaded over the telephone.
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Micro ER Non-looping Monitor
Non-looping cardiac event monitors are suitable for patients with sustained symptoms of over 60 seconds or for those with electrode sensitivity issues. The Micro ER single-lead ECG non-looping event monitor can record and store up to 32 seconds of real-time ECG in solid-state memory. Each monitor can store up to 6 events before it is necessary to transmit the information over the telephone. Non-looping cardiac event monitors do not require lead wires as the unit has built-in electrodes. When a patient feels a symptom, he or she places the monitor against their chest and presses a button to mak
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Pacemaker Followup Monitor
The CarryAll EZ pacemaker monitor provides a simple, effective solution for monitoring pacemaker patients from the comfort of their home. The portable, battery-operated CarryAll transmits real-time ECGs over the telephone. For added convenience, the printed report includes pacemaker pulse widths, rate, interval and A-V interval.
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PMP4 SpiroPro 
The PMP4 Spiro Pro is an easy-to-use spirometer for measuring lung ventilatory functions during Vital Capacity (VC) and Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) tests. It displays the medical data on the handheld deviceat the conclusion of the test: Volume-Time and Flow- Volume curves as well as the following parameters: FVC, FEV1, FEV3, PEF, FEF25%, FEF50%, FEF75%, FEF25%- 75%, and Extrapolated Volume. While performing a test the results are continuously transmitted via Bluetooth to a handheld device/P.C/Hub. The data can be transmitted to the PMP Web Center via the internet network where it is stored in
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