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CooperVision Inc

370 Woodcliff Dr Suite 200
Fairport, NY 14450 United States
Phone:(716) 385-6810
Toll Free Number:(800) 538-7850
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Overview: CooperVision Inc. is an advocate for healthy, comfortable contact lens wear, and a champion for the success of practices like yours. That's why you can depend on us to deliver products and services that add value to your patient's wearing experience, and to present opportunities that will help grow your practice. And you can expect an enjoyable working relationship based on our common passion for providing the very best vision correction available.
As one of the world's largest manufacturers of contact lenses, CooperVision Inc. distributes high-quality lenses virtually everywhere contact lenses are worn from a network of facilities in 12 countries across five continents. Looking ahead, CooperVision will continue to build on our rich heritage of innovation, using the latest in technology, materials, and design to offer your patients contact lenses that allow them to see beyond the ordinary - and allow you to build your practice.
UMDC Code: 105480
Email: info@coopervision.com
Website: http://www.coopervision.com
Company Type: Private
Business Started: 1958
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Exporter
Quality Regulations: ISO9001
Sales Channels: Direct/Distributors

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Avaira contact lenses
Avaira contact lenses help keep your eyes clear, white and healthy looking. They have an exceptional ability to stay moist and transmit high levels of oxygen through the lens material. This is a result of our exclusive Aquaform Comfort Science Technology that is put into every Avaira lens.
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Avaira Toric contact lenses
Avaira Toric contact lenses are the latest addition to our 2-week silicone hydrogel family of lenses. So if you have an astigmatism you now have the option to wear a contact lens that has an exceptional ability to stay moist and transmit high levels of oxygen through the lens material as a result of our exclusive Aquaform Comfort Science. Their unique material in Avaira contacts binds water within the lens without the need for additional surface treatments or wettings agents – giving you a comfortable lens from day after day.
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Biofinity contact lenses
Biofinity monthly aspheric silicone hydrogel contact lenses help you achieve a level of comfort that you may have never thought possible. Traditional silicone lenses often provide either high water content but a stiffer lens material or a softer lens material with low water content. With Biofinity contact lenses youll get both!
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Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses.
CooperVision's Biofinity Multifocal is a high-performance, monthly silicone hydrogel lens for people with presbyopia. This lens combines two unique technologies – Aquaform Comfort Science lens material and the proven Balanced Progressive Technology multifocal contact lens design.
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Biofinity Toric contact lenses
Biofinity Toric contact lenses are a high-performance, monthly, silicone hydrogel lens for astigmatism with many benefits. Aquaform Comfort Science Technology creates a lens material that provides high oxygen performance, which keeps eyes white and healthy. Meanwhile, water molecules hold water within the lens making it naturally wet, soft, and resistant to dehydration and protein deposits.
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Biomedics 55 Premier
Biomedics 55 Premier aspheric contact lenses are design effectively control spherical aberration in the lens and human eye. Spherical aberration is the inability of a lens to focus light on a common point. That means Biomedics 55 Premier contact lenses are able to focus light, providing clearer, crisper, sharper vision - regardless of the amount of correction required. At the same time, a thinner, patented edge design provides excellent comfort. Biomedics 55 Premier delivers better vision, comfort, and proven performance.
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Biomedics Toric
Biomedics Toric is the benchmark standard hydrogel lens for patients who need correction for astigmatism and who desire a two-week replacement schedule. This toric contact lenses are known for crisp, clear vision all day long. And, due to its thin, patented edge and extremely stable performance, Biomedics Toric provideds excellent visual acuity and lasting comfort.
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ClearSight 1 Day
ClearSight 1 Day contacts are the perfect choice for regular use or for sports and special occasions. Wearing daily contact lenses means there is less opportunity for your lenses to attract discomfort-causing deposits, as you will only wear them once. With ClearSight 1 Day, you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind lens design and a comfortable daily lens wearing experience without the hassles of cleaning and storing your lenses
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ClearSight 1 Day Toric
ClearSight 1 Day Toric offers all the great aspects of disposable toric lenses for those with astigmatism. These daily toric contact lenses are the perfect choice for regular use or for sports and special occasions.With CooperVisions Toric expertise, youll enjoy one-of-a-kind lens design and a comfortable daily toric lens wearing experience without the hassle of having to clean and store your lenses.
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Frequency 55 Aspheric contact lenses
Frequency 55 Aspheric contact lenses provide you with enhanced vision quality by focusing light to a common focal point on the back of your eye, instead of a general area. The aspheric design gives you greater image resolution and an increased depth of focus. With Frequency 55 Aspheric, youll enjoy crisper, more precise vision in addition to comfort, easy, handling, and strong performance.
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Hydrasoft Sphere Options contact lenses
Hydrasoft Sphere Options contact lenses may be the answer. These custom contact lenses boast one of the widest ranges of prescriptions available in the industry and the outstanding fit of a truly custom-made lens. Hydrosoft Sphere Options contact lenses also let you enjoy crisp, clear optics and high durability – all in a custom soft contact lens that's extremely comfortable to wear.
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Proclear 1 day contact lenses
Proclear 1 day contact lenses provides a more comfortable contact lens wearing experience no matter when your night comes to an end. And because one day contacts are replaced each day, they're also the healthiest lens option and can help those that suffer from ocular allergies.
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Proclear 1 day multifocal
Just because you may need bifocals, there's no need to sacrifice comfort, convenience or style. With Proclear 1 day multifocal you will find everything you need in a daily disposable lens.
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Proclear EP
Proclear EP (originally known as Biomedics EP) is the first and only contact lens designed specifically for people who are just beginning to have trouble reading small type and seeing objects up close. These are the first signs of presbyopia, a natural aging process of the eye.
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Proclear Multifocal contact lenses
Only Proclear Multifocal contact lenses combine a superior lens design, Balanced Progressive Technology, with a unique lens material made using our patented PC Technology. The result is a lens that gives you great vision at every distance while staying moist and comfortable, all day long.
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Product Literature/Brochure:

Avaira contact lenses
new Avaira contact lenses from CooperVision are made from a unique material that attracts and binds water within the lens itself, keeping those lenses moist and comfortable without the need for additional lens surface treatments or "wetting agents" like other silicone hydrogel contacts.
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The BIOFINITY (comfilcon A) Soft (hydrophilic) Contact Lenses are soft lenses. They are made from a "water-loving" (hydrophilic) material that has the ability to absorb water, making the lens soft and flexible. When used for frequent replacement, your prescriber should recommend a care system that is appropriate for your lens. Carefully read and follow specific directions for use and important safety information for each lens care product. Discard the lens if the lens becomes damaged or you reach the prescribed wearing period recommended by your eye care ractitioner. You should always have rep
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This package insert is intended for the eyecare practitioner, but should be made available to patients upon request. The eyecare practitioner should provide the patient with the patient instructions that pertain to the patient's prescribed lens.
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Proclear 1 day multifoca
PROCLEAR (omafilcon A) SPHERE Soft Contact lenses are indicated for the correction of ametropia (myopia and hyperopia) in aphakic and non-aphakic persons with non-diseased eyes in powers from - 20.00D to +20.00D diopters. The lenses may be worn by persons who exhibit astigmatism of -2.00 diopters or less that does not interfere with visual acuity.
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