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Equipment Resurrection

1107 Galvez Dr
Pacifica, CA 94044-4210 United States
Phone:(650) 738-0351
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Overview: Equipment Resurrection has been supplying top brand surplus and used laboratory equipment to scientists since 1996. Our mission is to reduce the landfill burden, while at the same time make available high quality, economical laboratory equipment to ecologically and budget minded labs and scientists.
UMDC Code: 402261
Email: steve@equiprx.net
Website: http://www.equiprx.net
Company Type: Private
Business Started: 1996
Business Lines: Distributor/Exporter/Servicer/Calibrates
Sales Channels: Direct
Total Sales: 35000
Number of Employees: 1

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AINSWORTH Type 10 Analytical Balance
160 gram capacity,0.001 gram accuracy,0.05 mg repeatability,Includes operating instructions,FREE Dust Cover,Serial Number 46319
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AINSWORTH Type 10 Analytical Balance
160 gram capacity,0.001 gram accuracy,0.05 mg repeatability,Includes operating instructions,FREE Dust Cover,Serial Number 47273
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ALCATEL #ZM2004A Vacuum Pump
Direct drive type,1/3 hp,Serial No.73414 *SOLD*
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BELLCO 7728 Benchtop Forced Air Incubator
Temperature range: 5C above ambient to 50C (+/- 0.3C),Accepts 10 Position Bellco roller apparatus, rockers, shakers and stirrers,Interior accessory outlet provided,Exterior dimensions - 90 cm x 54 cm x 77 cm, Chamber - 75 cm x 36 cm x 51 cm,Shipping Weight: Approx. 135 lbs.
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BRUNSWICK INSTRUMENTS G-25 Environmental Shaker/Incubator
One year motor warrantee,33.5"W x 25"H x 23.5"D,1200 watts,Serial Number 571416
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Carl Zeiss Standard 18, EPI-Flourescence - Research Grade Trinocular
Xenon and Tungsten Internal Illumination with external power supplies,Leitz Wetzler, 12.5x Periplan oculars,Objectives: Plan 2.5/0.08, 160/-, Neofluar16/0.40, 160/-, Plan 40x/0.65, 160/0.17, 100x/1.25 Oel
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Carl Zeiss Standard 20T, Reflected Light, EPI-Illumination
Tungsten Internal Illumination with external power supply,18 x 30 cm Stage,Reflected Light, EPI-Illumination,Nikon, CFWN 10x Oculars,Objectives: LD Epi-plan 4x/0.1, 8x/0.2, 16x/0.30, 40x/0.60
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Clay Adams AutoCrit
15 Minute Timer,24 x 1.75 dia. x 75 mm. Rotor,Serial Number M11318
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Clay Adams Safe Guard Clinical
Variable Speed, 4 x 50 ml. Rotor Standard, 12 x 15 ml. Rotors Optional, Serial Number 17800
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12 X 12 mm rotor,Two speed with timer and brake,High speed 3400 rpm,Serial Number 147041
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CORNING #PC-510 Stirrer
Lots of hot plate stirrers in stock,10" x 10",Ceramic top
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Damon/IEC Micro MB Microhematocrit
15 Minute Timer, Manual Electric Brake stops in 5 sec.,24 x 1.75 dia. x 75 mm. Rotor,Accelerates to Max. Speed of 14,000 RPM in 10 Sec.,Serial Number 41439P & Serial Number 91448H
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EPPENDORF 5412 Microfuge
Email us for recent actual photo,12 x 1.5-2.0 ml fixed angle rotor,15,000 rpm,Serial Number 5412 5937/02
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EPPENDORF 5413 Microfuge
Email us for recent actual photo,Horizontal rotor,11,500 rpm,Serial Number 5413 2907
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EPPENDORF 5415 Fixed Angle Microfuge
18 x 1.5-2.0 ml fixed angle rotor,Variable Speed to 15,000 rpm,Serial Number 5415 I 12863
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FISHER MAXIMA C #01-157-4C Vacuum Pump
1/3 hp GE motor,Direct Drive type D4B,Ultimate pressure <1x10-1, (4 m3/h),Serial Number L951202253
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FORMA SCIENTIFIC #3158 Incubator
Three Stainless shelves with slides for four,Microprocessor controlled,Digital display,CO2, water jacketed,18"W x 24"H x 18"D,Serial Number 31608-575
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IEC HN Benchtop Centrifuge
Designed for Continuous Heavy-duty Service,Manual Electric Brake,Variable Speed with 60 minute timer,Up to 8450 rpm / 6200xG,Optional rotors available,Serial Number 81415M-1
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IEC HN-S II Benchtop Centrifuge
Designed for Continuous Heavy-duty Service,Direct Reading Tachometer,Manual Electric Brake,Variable Speed with 60 minute timer,Up to 8450 rpm / 6200xG,Optional rotors available
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18"W x 20"H x 15"D,0C to 150C / 1200 watts,Serial Number 0165
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Model #3625,12"W x 12"H x 13"D,40C to 300C / 1200 watts,Serial Number 0304-0116
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LABCONCO Fiberglass Desiccator Cabinet Model 55300
Vacuum Release Needle Valve,Tempered Clear Glass Door,Interior 12"D x 12" W x 12" H,Nine Moulded Shelf Supports,Desiccant Pan and One Shelf,Wire Support Stand
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LEITZ Binocular SM-LUX
Type 020-441.004 0,4/0.12, 10/0.25, EF40/0.65, Fluorite 100X/0.95 objectives,10X M Periplan GF oculars,0.90 As Swing out condensor,Internal transmitted illumination and power supply
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For pressure and vacuum,Miniature (approx 4" X 8" X 8"),Serial Number 17311
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METTLER H54AR Analytical Balance
160g capacity,0.01 mg accuracy,FREE Dust Cover,Operations Manual
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METTLER M58A Analytical Balance
Airlock/Mechanical Weighpan Insertion,20g capacity,FREE Dust Cover,LIKE NEW,Serial No.105383
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New! Clay Adams Physician Compact Centrifuge
Single Speed - 3400 RPM with Continuous Operation,6 x 15 ml. Rotor with Tubes
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OLYMPUS Model BHC Binocular
2x/0.05, 4x/0.10,10X/.25, 20x/0.40/0.17, 40x/0.65 Objectives,10X W.F. oculars,Serial Number 436348
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450 watts
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Savant Speed Vac SVC100H-115, Vacuum Concentrator
Electronic Brake,Heated Chamber,20 Place Rotor Included,Serial Number - 79-038-115
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SORVALL MT2 Ultramicrotome
Bausch & Lomb 0.7X-3X Zoom optics,New drive belt O-rings,Basic Package,One specimen holder,Serial Number 3325
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SORVALL MT2 Ultramictrtome
New drive belt O-rings,Bausch & Lomb 0.7X-3X Zoom optics,Knife stage and holder / Wrench,Flat and round chuck,Dust cover,Trim Stand,Serial Number 3692
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SORVALL TECHNOSPIN-R #430011 Refrigerated
4000 rpm,-10�C to 50�C,Swinging Bucket 8 x 50 ml Rotor included,Operations manual included,Key lock included,Serial Number 1614
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Tiyoda Trinocular - Brightfield
10x/0.25, Hi 40x/0.65,-0.17, Hi 60 x 1.0 & 1 Hi 100x/1.25 Oil Objectives,10x oculars,Optional - Rotating Stage, Spare Nosepiece, Tiyoda dust cover and carrying case,Internal Transmitted Illumination,Serial Number 47701
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VWR #1740 Incubator
Shel Labs,Seperate CO2 and temp. controllers for each side,All stainless water jacketed,Microprocessor controlled
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