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Novatech Dumon ST Hourglass Stent

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Product Literature/Brochure from Boston Medical Products Inc

The Dumon ST Stent is a pediatric tracheal stent used successfully worldwide to treat tracheal stenoses combining internal & external compressions, as well as postoperative stenosis and cases of tracheal tumors. The Dumon ST series feature a wall thickness of only 1.5mm, maximizing airflow and mucociliary clearance and is available in both clear and radiopaque silicone. Product code: 09041 12-10-12 * 15-20-15 outside diameter(mm) * length (mm) of top, middle, and lower portions. Radiopaque Stents = Add "R" at end of the product code(ie. 09041R = 12-10-12 * 15-20-15 Radiopaque)

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