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Echo/Vasc Pro Vascular Ultrasound Table

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Product Literature/Brochure from JRT Assoc

The Echo/Vasc Pro Vascular Ultrasound Table is the logical choice when performing vascular scanning and echocardiography – to view arteries, veins and heart chambers. The table design will help improve images by providing dramatic 30-degree reverse Trendelenburg positioning. The foot support and body straps stabilize the patient safely throughout the procedure while cutouts on either side of the table address patient access and sonographer ergonomics.The Echo/Vasc Pro Table is so accommodating it reduces the total amount of time required to achieve a quality image. The 30-degree positioning expands lower extremity veins for maximum vessel dilation and faster and easier recognition of structures. Patient comfort is assured, even through lengthy procedures by a thick mattress and table adjustability, including Fowler positioning to 80-degrees.

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