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Standard Electrode Coaxial Ge Detectors (SEGe)

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Product Literature/Brochure from Canberra Industries Inc

The conventional coaxial germanium detector is often referred to as Pure Ge, HPGe,Intrinsic Ge, or Hyperpure Ge.Regardless of the superlative used, the detector is basically a cylinder of germanium with an n-type contact on the outer surface, and a p-type contact on the surface of an axial well. The germanium has a net impurity level of around 1010 atoms/cc so that with moderate reverse bias, the entire volume between the electrodes is depleted, and an electric field extends across this active region. Photon interaction within this region produces charge carriers which are swept by the electric field to their collecting electrodes, where a charge sensitive preamplifier converts this charge into a voltage pulse proportional to the energy deposited in the detector.

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