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Low Energy Germanium Detectors (LEGe)

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Product Literature/Brochure from Canberra Industries Inc

The Low Energy Germanium Detector (LEGe) is in all aspects optimized for performance at low and moderate energies and has specific advantages over conventional planar or coaxial detectors. The LEGe detector is fabricated with a thin front and side contact. The rear contact is of less than full area which gives a lower detector capacitance compared to a planar device of similar size. Since preamplifier noise increases with detector capacitance, the LEGe affords lower noise and consequently better resolution at low and moderate energies than any other detector geometry. Unlike grooved planar detectors, there is little dead germanium beyond the active region. This, and the fact that the side surface is charge collecting rather than insulating, results in fewer long-rise time pulses with improved count rate performance and peak-to-background ratios.

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