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Product Literature/Brochure from SOREDEX USA

CRANEX D's excellent signal-to-noise ratio, high resolution, wide dynamic range, wide anterior layer thickness and many other features provide superior image quality and more diagnostic value. The CRANEX D features advanced cephalometric imaging movements that provide a true central projection image. This results in non-distorted constant magnii cation in both the vertical and horizontal planes. CRANEX D's cephalometic option can be coni gured as either left-handed or right-handed for l exible installation. Soft tissue i ltration is adjusted automatically for the best diagnostic quality possible. With the use of the AES function, exposure values are selected according to patient size. Cephalometric i eld sizes Full width: 22 x 26 cm (8.66" x 10.24") Reduced width: 22 x 18 cm (8.66" x 7.09") right handed for lexible installation.

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