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G5 Freedom Airway Clearance System

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Product Literature/Brochure from General Physiotherapy Inc

The G5 Freedom Airway Clearance System is a safe, portable, self-contained, easy-to-use device for children and adults. It consists of a synthetic vest with eight (8) Directional-Stroking Percussion Pods positioned over major lung segments both on the front and back side of the torso. The Percussion Pods generate High Frequency Chest Wall Percussion (HFCWP) on specific lung segments to be treated. A user-friendly electronicl control module is connected to the G5 Freedom System that enables the user to set the treatment time, choose a treatment program, vary the cycle per second range for each Pod, and start, pause, and stop the treatment. Featuring Lung-Select technology, patients or therapists can select any combination of the 1-8 Pods to activate, specifying the oscillation or cycle per second range of each individual Pod.

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