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Datagraph VX Touchscreen

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Product Literature/Brochure from Linseis Inc

The features are High Speed Sampling: Record as many as 8 samples per second - ideal for recording process signals that change quickly, such as pressure, Brilliant Color Display: The 5.6" active matrix TFT touchscreen display is the largest in its class. With the special anti-glare coating, the viewability is second to none, Economical: Available in a low-cost 2 input, monochrome display version, High Capacity Storage Option: For recording large amounts of data choose the PCMCIA card drive option for a maximum storage capacity of 200 megabytes, Communications: Use the optional RS-232C comm port and a modem to access and download data remotely. The RS-485 option allows installation of the VX into an existing Modbus network or you can connect up to 31 units in series. Connect to LANs and WANs with the ethernet port option; TCP/IP protocol means you can transfer data over the Internet, 15-Channel Recording Capability, Two-Year Warranty: Protects you against factory defects

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