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Intrinsically Safe Personal Radiation Monitor - Model 25-IS

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Product Specifications from Ludlum Measurements Inc

The Ludlum Model 25 series of Personal Radiation Monitor/Dosimeter are small sized devices that can be worn on the belt, a lanyard, or armband. It is a very rugged, stand-alone device designed specifically to warn emergency response personnel of any dangerous radiation fields they may encounter. This instrument utilizes a GM detector capable of measuring radiation fields all the way from background up to 10 Sv/h (1000 R/hr). The unit is simple to use and read. The backlit LCD readout displays dose rate, accumulated dose, and time remaining to the dose limit. Visual and audible alarms are available over the entire measurement range. No special equipment is required to either calibrate or set up operational parameters. Model 25-IS & Model 25-IS-1 are certified for intrinsic safety for use in areas where explosion safety is a primary concern.

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