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Product Literature/Brochure from Veriflo Corp

The SQServo pressure regulator incorporates a pressure-setting knob controlling a precise pressure sensor, a pneumatic servo-valve, and a high flow, dome loaded large SQ pressure regulator, controlled by the servo-valve. The pressure sensing servo-valve mechanism smoothly controls the outlet pressure of the larger pressure regulator to +/- 0.25 psig. The pneumatic servo valve, integrated with the modified SQ60, amplifies the control signal causing the SQServo to precisely maintain the set pressure. Features & Benefits: Flow rates in excess of 4,000 liters per minute (SLPM). Pressure drops typically less than 3 psig. Tied Diaphragm. Maintains a constant pressure with changing flow demands. No springs or threads are exposed to the wetted area. VeriClean, Veriflos custom low sulfur high purity 316L Stainless Steel enhances electropolishing, welding and corrosion resistance.

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