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Executive Split-Top Acute Care Product 4850H/U

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Product Specifications from AmFab Co LLC

This split-top overbed table features the reliable gas cylinder lift mechanism. This unique lift mechanism provides for infinite, height adjustment between 29 1/2" and 44 1/2" and allows the table to be adjusted upward without requiring the handle to be activated. When the split top table is activated, the 18" x 32" upper table slides either forward or back, allowing the 17 1/2" x 26 1/2" lower table to move into the opposite position. This creates more user friendly space for either the patient or caregiver. 2" oversized dual wheel casters provide easy maneuverability from under the bed, around the room, and over thresholds. The heavy duty opal powder coated column and base are available in either an "H", "U", or "Fork" design, with an addition option of a low profile alternative to fit under beds with height constraints. The column can be mounted on either the left or right side for added versatility.

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