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Vapor Pressure Osmometer

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Product Literature/Brochure from UIC Inc

The Model 833 Vapor Pressure Osmometer is an effective, easy to use tool for the determination of number average molecular weights of any non-volatile solute in the range of 100-25,000 Dalton. Principles of Operation The vapor pressure osmometer operates on the principle of differential vapor pressure between a pure solvent and a solution. Two carefully matched thermistors are placed in a chamber saturated with solvent vapor. When solvent is placed on both thermistors, they assume the same temperature. If a solution is placed on one of the thermistors, condensation heats the thermistor until the vapor pressure is raised to that of the pure solvent. The change in temperature causes a resistance change in the thermistor. This change in resistance is measured by asensitive bridge circuit and displayed on a panel meter, strip chart recorder and/or computer terminal. A calibration curve relates the change in resistance to the molal concentration of the solution.

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