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Model 804 and 804A Video Test Generators

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User Manual from Quantum Data Inc

The rack mountable model 804 and 804A video test generators are optimized for testing modern HDMI flat panel TVs. The 804 video test generator supports testing of HDMI resolutions operating up to 225MHz. The 804A video test generator supports testing of HDMI 4K x 2K resolutions up to pixel rates of 297MHz.These instruments feature four (4) HDMI outputs-all active simultaneously-for testing HDTVs with multiple HDMI inputs. This eliminates the need for splitters often required for testing each HDMI input on an HDTV. The 804 and the 804A can output component analog and composite analog video as well as HDMI. Switching between video timings and images is fast. The 804 and 804A are equipped with all the standard video timings and test patterns-including support for 3D-necessary for testing HDTVs including tests for HDMI protocols such as HDCP, EDID and CEC.The 804 and 804A tests compressed and uncompressed HDMI audio formats using a variety of audio test signals. An HDTVs analog audio inputs can also be tested using the 804s programmable analog audio outputs. Manufacturing engineers can choose to operate either 804 series instrument in a few different ways. The instrument can be controlled through the user friendly touch screen interface which also provides status during testing. For control by an automated test system, the 804 and 804A can be operated through an extensive command set. The 804 series instruments support the same commands that production facilities have become familiar with on the Quantum Data 802 and 881 series test instruments. Alternatively, an optional programmable keypad can be attached to the USB Port or RS-232 port for keypad control. The 804 and 804A provide the necessary features and functions for testing HDTVs on a production and are offered an attractive price. Contact your Quantum Data distributor or representative for ordering and pricing information

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