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Rocket Blue Bottle R54500

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Product Literature/Brochure from Rocket Medical (US)

Traditionally the simplest way to accomplish chest drainage is to set up a single bottle containing a prescribed amount of water, one short tube leading to the outside atmosphere functions as a vent; another leads from the patient and is submerged approximately 2cm below the surface of the water. This creates an underwater seal, the most important element in pleural drainage. The water seal provides a low resistance one way valve that allows air and fluid to be pushed out of the pleural space by means of positive expiratory pressure and prevents atmospheric air from being drawn back in. The Rocket Single Bottle and tube set combine to provide the UKs biggest selling chest drainage system. It is comprised of a traditional underwater seal and is used almost universally as the product of choice after cardiac and thoracic surgery, in A&E departments and medical wards.

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