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Clinical Case Study from Quantel Medical Inc

Using Ultrasound Systems in common practice allows you to solve many diagnosis problems in posterior segment pathologies, but also in glaucoma cases and, now, thanks to higher frequency probes, in refractive surgery. We have tested the new Quantel Medical AVISO system with all the available probes. The 10 MHz probe, more routinely used, gives a posterior pole image in case of transparency loss of the media. Increasing the probe frequency allows better and better resolution to analyse the retina and particularly the posterior pole. The advantage of the long focal 20 MHz probe is to give access to the posterior pole and also to the retinal periphery with a better resolution than with the 10 MHz. The possibility to explore the posterior pole with high frequency probes has been described for the first time in 1999 by M. Puech MD (patented invention reference: M. PUECH PCT FR98 / 02788).

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