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Sorvall* HT6 High-Capacity Floor Model Centrifuge

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Product Literature/Brochure from Thermo Scientific Laboratory Sample Preparation

Thermo Scientific* HT6 Refrigerated Floor Centrifuge offers high-capacity processing for low-speed separations. The Sorvall HT6 delivers outstanding performance in a floor-standing refrigerated centrifuge. This versatile, compact unit is ideal for high-throughputclinical applications, as well as genomics, proteomics, biochemistry, pathology, and RIA research. High capacity rotors with a wide selection of accessories and an unparalleled micoplate capacity offering the ability to process up to 48 standard microplates or 12 to 18 deepwell microplates in a single run. Process blood and/or tissue culture tubes, microplates, clinical racks, RIA tubes, and bottles up to 1L in volume.

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