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Owl* D3-14 Wide Gel Electrophoresis System

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Product Literature/Brochure from Thermo Scientific Owl Separation Systems

Thermo Scientific* Owl D3-14 Wide Gel Electrophoresis System is ideal for screening PCR products, plasmid preps, restriction mapping and cloning. System screens 25 to 200 samples on a single agarose gel in less than 30 minutes, producing clear, tight banding patterns with no smiling Using special combs and a multichannel pipetter, samples may be loaded directly from a 96-well plate, 8 or 12 at a time. Incorporates Owls EasyCast* casting design with external caster-gel tray is fitted with gasket, allowing it to fit snugly into caster and providing a leakproof seal without tape.

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