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BBP81 Label Printer

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User Manual from Brady Corp

Data Cables Ethernet cables do not require shielding, but all other data cables must be fully shielded and fitted with metal or metallized connector shells. Unshielded data cables may increase radiated emissions above the regulated limits. To minimize electrical noise pickup in the cable: Keep data cables as short as possible. Do not bundle the data cables tightly with the power cords. Do not tie the data cables to power wire conduits. Coated Side of Ribbon: Ribbon is wound with the coated side on the outside. The ribbon used must match the Thermal Transfer option installed. The standard Thermal Transfer option (black ribbon spindle) uses ribbon coated on the outside. If you are unsure which side of a particular roll of ribbon is coated, perform an adhesive test or a ribbon scratch test to determine which side is coated.

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