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myAIRVO 2 Humidifier with Integrated Flow Generator

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User Manual from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc

Hospital-grade humidifier for home. By saturating all inspired gas with water vapor, myAIRVO 2 hydrates the airway with each breath. This therapy has been shown to reduce exacerbations and improve quality of life for people with COPD and improve mucociliary clearance.Users can easily set the device to parameters comfortable enough to sleep with.myAIRVO 2 allows the patient to configure the flow setting to achieve comfort. If required, supplemental oxygen can be easily added to the gas flow.A range of easy to use interfaces is available for nasal, tracheostomy and mask delivery. The interfaces do not require a seal on the airway, making them very comfortable and easy to use.The myAIRVO 2 system provides a comfortable solution for treating patients in the home and in long-term care who would benefit from humidification.

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