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Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated

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Product Literature/Brochure from Eaton Corp

Totally enclosed non-ventilated transformers are highly suited for applications where the atmosphere contains conductive, corrosive, or combustible materials which might damage a transformer, or lint and dust which might block the ventilation passages. With no openings in the enclosure, heat is dissipated by radiating from the surface area of the enclosure, making it ideal for industries where the transformer is subject to spray or washdown conditions. Features: Enclosures are larger than those of the standard ventilated type for greater reliability. Meets NEMA ST-20 sound levels to ensure quieter operating. Leads brought out to aluminum pads that are pre-drilled to accept Cu/Al lugs. Designs suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, adding versatility. Short-term overload capability as required by ANSI for increased reliability.

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