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Alarms, Artificial Airway Pressure

Definition : Alarms designed to activate audible (i.e., sound) and/or visual warnings when the gas pressure within the ventilation artificial airway of mechanically ventilated patients is outside a pre-established range. These devices typically include a pressure sensing line that is ideally attached to the breathing circuit at its junction with the endotracheal or tracheostomy tube, an electronic unit, and visual and/or sound alarms. Airway pressure alarms are mainly used with intensive and nonintensive care ventilators and/or anesthesia ventilators that do not include an airway pressure alarm as an integral component. Low pressure alarm may signal ventilator failure, breathing circuit disconnections, extubations, or leaks in the endotracheal tube; high-pressure alarms alert for conditions that can cause lung damage (i.e., barotraumas).

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