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Anaerobic Culture Pack/Pouch Kits

Definition : Prepackaged collections of materials/supplies designed to be used to create a carbon dioxide enriched atmosphere intended for the performance of anaerobic procedures (usually for the culture of anaerobic bacteria) by either increasing the carbon dioxide content, reducing the oxygen content, or both. These kits typically include a flexible container (e.g., pack or a pouch) with integral reagent sachets containing the atmosphere modifying chemical products, liquid activating reagents to initiate the atmosphere development, and carbon dioxide concentration indicator strips. Products available in packs are usually intended to provide the appropriate atmosphere in a sealed jar by placing them after opening in the jars; those provided in pouches (e.g., transparent pouches that permit the observation of bacterial growth) typically permit the use of the pouch to perform small culture processes (usually a few bacteria inoculated Petri dishes). Dedicated kits with packs and/or pouches are available to perform cultures with enriched atmospheres of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide plus hydrogen, carbon dioxide plus hydrogen with reduced oxygen (microaerophilic environment), and carbon dioxide plus hydrogen including a Palladium catalyst strip.

Entry Terms : "Anaerobic Culture Kits" , "Anaerobic Culture Pouches" , "Anaerobic Culture Packs"

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