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Analyzers, Laboratory, Immunoassay, Chemiluminescent

Definition : Immunoassay analyzers that attach chemiluminescent substances (e.g., isoluminol, acridinium esters), which emit light at a particular wavelength during a chemical reaction, as a label to either an antigen or an antibody and then measure the concentration of the ligand (the substance being analyzed) in the specimen under analysis, using the result of the antigen-antibody reaction. These analyzers usually include an autosampler, a reagent dispenser, and a luminometer to detect and quantify photoelectrons. Chemiluminescent analyzers have better sensitivity than photometric or fluorimetric analyzers.

Entry Terms : "Luminescent Immunoassay Analyzers" , "Luminescent Analyzers" , "Analyzers, Immunoassay, Chemiluminescence" , "Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzers" , "Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzers" , "CLIAs" , "Immunoassay Analyzers, Laboratory, Chemiluminescence"

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