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Artificial Airways, Esophageal Obturation/Tracheal

Definition : Artificial airways designed for insertion through the mouth into the esophagus or trachea, permitting the passage of oxygen to the lungs while occluding the esophagus. These airways typically consist of a two-lumen tube that is inserted blindly through the mouth either into the esophagus or less frequently the trachea to keep airway patency while occluding the esophagus. The esophageal obturation lumen has a blocked distal end and perforations at the pharyngeal level; the tracheal lumen is open at both ends. A large oropharyngeal balloon seals mouth and nose, and a distal cuff occludes either the esophagus or trachea. Ventilation starts via the esophageal tube. If the tube is inserted in the esophagus, air enters the pharynx via the perforations. If the tube is inside the trachea, the ventilation will be performed directly through the shorter tracheal tube. Esophageal obturation/tracheal airways are used in emergency situations by healthcare personnel with minimal training to facilitate breathing and/or for resuscitation; single use (disposable) and reusable tubes are available.

Entry Terms : "Esophageal Obturating/Tracheal Artificial Airways" , "Tracheal Airways" , "Esophageal Obturating Airways"

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