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Brushes, Dental, Prophylaxis, Vacuum-Supplemented

Definition : Dental brushes designed for connection to a suction unit to facilitate simultaneous manual cleaning (i.e., prophylaxis) of teeth and removal of fluid and particles from the mouth. These brushes typically consist of a hollow-handle evacuating brush that may be connected via a flexible tube to a healthcare facility vacuum outlet or to a dedicated portable suction unit. Vacuum-supplemented manual brushes permit the removal of debris, plaque, bacteria, and fluid from the mouth during dental procedures; they are also used in people who are unable to swallow or have difficulty swallowing and expectorating and/or in emergency situations.

Entry Terms : "Vacuum-Supplemented Dental Brushes" , "Toothbrushes, Vacuum-Supplemented" , "Vacuum Toothbrushes" , "Vac-U-Brushes"

UMDC code : 17597

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