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Cabinets, Storage, Desiccating

Definition : Cabinets designed to promote and/or keep free from moisture objects in storage. This furniture typically consists of a metallic (e.g., stainless steel), glass, or plastic (e.g., acrylic) cabinet that includes several trays or shelves and some means to locate a desiccant agent (e.g., silica gel); some cabinets also include hygrometers to check the humidity level. Desiccating cabinets are used to store products that need controlled storage conditions (e.g., anhydrous and hygroscopic biological and chemical compounds, electronic and other components, samples) protected from ambient moisture and dust. Some desiccating cabinets can be placed in refrigerators and/or freezers.

Entry Terms : "Cabinets, Drying" , "Desiccating Cabinets"

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