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Canes, Adjustable-Length, Offset-Handle

Definition : Canes using a single adjustable-length shaft and an off-set handle designed to provide additional support to the user while walking. These canes usually consist of a straight shaft divided in several sections with holes and pins to adjust the desired height, an offset handle at the proximal end, and a rubber tip at the distal end. The offset handle provides comfort and additional balance assistance (i.e., the hand rests directly over the shaft of the cane) and may also include an easy-to-turn button/knob at its base with a mechanism that is activated to adjust the length of the cane. They are typically made of sturdy materials such as light metals (e.g., aluminum), plastics (e.g., acrylics), fiberglass, or a combination of these. Offset-handle adjustable-length canes are mainly designed to help provide balance for patients with mobility disabilities.

UMDC code : 17623

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