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Cannulae, Nasal

Definition : Cannulae designed to be inserted into the nostrils, with the distal tip typically intended to sit in the nostrils; however, certain nasal cannulae tips may be intended to be advanced into the nasal sinuses. These cannulae are typically short, rigid or semirigid, plastic or, less frequently, metal tubes; they are frequently connected directly or via an external tube or catheter to an irrigator and/or aspirator for irrigation, infusion, or withdrawal of substances. Nasal cannulae may also provide a port through which instruments and/or probes are passed to perform a variety of diagnostic, treatment, or surgical procedures. Dedicated nasal cannulae are available to supply breathing gases to the patient (e.g., oxygen, continuous positive air pressure) and/or for carbon dioxide sampling, for hemostatic purposes (i.e., plugging the nostrils), and/or to reach the nasal sinuses.

UMDC code : 16422

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