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Catheter Introducers, Vascular, Central Venous, Hemostasis Valve

Definition : Central venous catheter introducers that include an integral or detachable hemostasis valve. These introducers typically consist of a sheath or hollow, single lumen large bore catheter (e.g., 3mm/9 French) and relatively short (10cm/4 inch) length intended for the percutaneous introduction into the subclavian or jugular veins, and that include an integral hemostatic valve attached to the proximal end of the sheath. Catheter introducers which have a detachable hemostasis valve that is screwed to the introducer sheath hub are also available. Some introducers also include a short length of intravenous tubing intended for administration of fluid therapy bonded to the valve. Hemostasis valve central venous introducers are used as a seal to prevent entry of air into the circulation as well as blood or fluid loss around the indwelling catheter when it is removed from the sheath. These catheters are mainly intended to obtain access for instruments during catheterization procedures (e.g., cardiac, angiograms) and for short-term central venous access in critically ill patients.

Entry Terms : "Catheter Introducers-Hemostasis Valve" , "Central Venous Vascular Catheter Introducers, Hemostasis Valve" , "Hemostasis Valve Vascular Catheter Introducers"

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