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Catheter Introducers, Vascular, Central Venous/Midline, Peripherally Inserted, Ultrasound-Guided

Definition : Vascular catheter introducers designed for use in the percutaneous introduction into the peripheral vasculature (typically the basilic or cephalic veins) of midline or central venous catheters using ultrasound guidance. The distal tip of the catheter is usually advanced until reaching the proximal end of the arm not beyond the axillar line (midline catheters) or the vena cava or pulmonary artery (central venous catheters). These introducers consist of an assembly of devices that typically include a needle that reflects sound waves and produces echoes (i.e., echogenic), a dilator, a guidewire, and a sheath. Usually all components of the introducers are taken out after the insertion into the vasculature leaving only the sheath for catheter introduction through it. Some introducer sheaths are peelable for easy discard after the catheter is in place; other sheaths may be dwelling in the vessel for a pre-established maximum time. Peripherally inserted midline/central venous catheter introducers using ultrasound guidance are usually inserted following the Seldinger technique; dedicated ultrasound guided catheter introducers are frequently used for powered (e.g., up to 5cc/sec) infusions into the central vasculature.

Entry Terms : "Peripherally Inserted Central Venous Vascular Catheter Introducers, Ultrasound-Guided" , "Peripherally Inserted Midline Vascular Catheter Introducers, Ultrasound-Guided" , "Ultrasound Guided Peripherally Inserted Central Venous/Midline Catheters"

UMDC code : 34032

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