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Catheters, Intrauterine, Insemination/Embryo Transfer

Definition : Intrauterine catheters designed for the injection of washed sperm and/or fluid containing embryos into the uterine cavity. These catheters consist of a thin (e.g., 5 Fr), flexible, or semirigid tube (typically 18 to 30 cm long) that fit the curvature of the uterus while minimizing trauma to the cervix, endometrium, and uterine walls. Some of these catheters come with marls to allow the physician to predetermine the depth of placement of the sperm. They are used in the treatment of infertility (e.g., male or cervical factor infertility).

Entry Terms : "Embryo Transfer Catheters" , "Insemination Catheters" , "Catheters, Embryo Transfer" , "Catheters, Insemination"

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