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Catheters, Vascular, Angioplasty, Balloon, Intracranial Artery

Definition : Angioplasty vascular catheters designed to dilate a stenotic intracranial artery by controlled inflation of a distensible balloon. These catheters usually consist of a double-lumen polymeric, hydrophilic covered tube of more than 100 cm (about 40 in) working length with a balloon (e.g., a polymeric balloon available in several diameters) and radiopaque markers at the distal tip. Typically the catheter is peripherally inserted and advanced into the section of the artery requiring dilatation where the balloon is inflated across the stenosis to a predetermined maximal outer diameter, thereby enlarging the lumen. Intracranial artery balloon catheters may be used for enlargement of the lumen of the arteries previous to the delivery of an intracranial stent; they may also be used for the treatment of obstructions (i.e., angioplasty) in the intracranial arteries.

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