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Circulatory Assist Units, Cardiac, Ventricular

Definition : Circulatory assist units designed to assist one of the ventricles (most frequently, the left ventricle) of a damaged or weakened heart in pumping blood. These units typically consist of a mechanism that includes a pump, cannulae to draw venous blood to the pump and deliver it back to the aorta or pulmonary artery (according to left or right ventricle assistance, respectively), valves, and a unit that controls pump operation. Ventricular assist units are used to improve blood circulation in patients with a debilitated heart; the main components of these devices work external to the body, but some components, such as cannulae and/or balloons, are inserted in the circulatory system. Ventricular assist units are intended for temporary use either while the heart is healing or as a bridge to a heart transplant.

Entry Terms : "VADs" , "Cardiac Assist Devices" , "Circulatory Assist Units, Ventricular" , "Biventricular Assist Devices" , "Right Ventricular Assist Devices" , "Left Ventricular Assist Devices" , "Ventricular Assist Devices"

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