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Clean Room/Laminar Air Flow Equipment, Surgical Site

Definition : Laminar air flow equipment designed to provide a clean environment at the surgical site in the operating room. The laminar flow may be either vertical (e.g., from the ceiling down to and around the patient) or, less frequently, horizontal at the surgical area; the laminar flow is distorted only by objects (e.g., surgical lamps) and staff in the flow pathway. The staff has to use appropriate clothing and follow a set of rules to work without affecting the air flow pattern. These laminar air flow units are intended to provide a very low particle content environment and reduce airborne bacteria at the surgical site in hospital operating rooms; they are frequently used for orthopedic surgery (e.g., hip transplant) and organ transplants where airborne particles are known to be associated with surgical site infections.

Entry Terms : "Laminar Air Flow Units, Fixed, Surgical" , "Surgical Clean Rooms, Laminar Air Flow" , "Surgical Site Clean Areas"

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