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Cleaning/Lubricating Units, Dental Handpiece

Definition : Equipment designed for automated cleaning, lubricating, and purging of dental handpieces, including the air and water channels. These units consist of electromechanical equipment with openings to place one or more dental handpieces; appropriate adapters for a variety of different dental handpieces; a keyboard to control time and characteristics of the cleaning/purging/lubricating cycle following pre-established programs; and an internal mechanism that applies the appropriate products (e.g., cleaning solutions, lubricants) during each phase of the cycle. Dental handpiece cleaning/lubricating units are used to facilitate the periodic (e.g., daily) maintenance of dental handpieces, and also to shorten the period needed for reprocessing of the handpieces. Some units may be used also to process dental air motors and/or air driven dental scalers.

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