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Controllers, Hearing Aid, Remote

Definition : Controllers of externally worn or in-canal hearing aids that use wireless technology designed to turn hearing aids on or off and mute or adjust the volume. Hearing aid remote controllers are usually palm-sized or pocket-sized and may have clips to attach to clothing or belts; some are designed to look like inconspicuous objects (e.g., wristwatches, pens, key chains). Some hearing aid remote controllers collect and store data from the hearing aids and remember settings and preferences of the user. Some are capable of connecting directly to other devices (e.g., telephones, mobile phones, portable electronic music players, televisions) for hearing aid signal inputs using FM bandwidths or Bluetooth? technology. Hearing aid remote controllers are usually specific to the hearing aid models that they operate. Larger hearing aid remote controllers with larger buttons or symbols are also available for hearing aid users with dexterity and/or vision problems.

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