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Cooling Units

Definition : Devices that use a refrigerating or other cooling mechanism (e.g., ice, solid state thermoelectric systems, heat exchangers) to remove heat from a substance, material, fluid, or another device that dissipates heat. Cooling units contain a cooling device, pumps to circulate air or other fluids, and programmable controls and displays for temperature, pressure, or flow rate; some feature alarms to sounds alerts when system functions do not meet set parameters. Some cooling units are portable, and some may be specifically configured to cool certain pieces of equipment (e.g., laser coolers). Also available are cooling units that help lower a patient's body temperature or cool operating room personnel by coupling them with cooling blankets or garments.

Entry Terms : "Coolers" , "Heater/Cooler Units" , "Chillers" , "Cooling Units, Equipment" , "Equipment Coolers" , "Laser Coolers"

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