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Crosslinkers, Ultraviolet Light

Definition : Devices designed to expose materials to electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet spectrum (i.e., light with a wavelength between 10 and 400 nm) with the intention of generating chemical cross-links. These devices typically consist of a benchtop device with a hinged door allowing access to an exposure chamber into which materials to be irradiated are placed. These devices typically include UV bulbs that emit light at one or more specific wavelengths (254, 312, and 366 nm are typical). These devices also typically include a control panel that allows the user to select the duration or intensity of of UV exposure. Many crosslinkers also include an integrated photodetector that automatically adjusts the exposure to account for the variability in light generated by the UV bulbs as they age. These devices are typically used in procedures in the laboratory setting, including the crosslinking of nucleic acids to nylon or nitrocellulose membranes.

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