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Crutches, Axillary

Definition : Crutches supported under the arms that are designed to provide the user with additional support while walking. These crutches consist of a shaft that bifurcates partway up from the distal tip and is connected at the top and middle by a crossbar; it also has a rubber tip at the distal end. The top cross bar is slightly concave in shape to fit below the axilla (i.e., underarm) and is covered with a soft rubber pad used to brace the crutches against the body, the middle crossbar is round and covered with a rubber grip that adjusts to hand level for gripping the crutches with the hands. The distal end is covered by a rubber tip that contacts the floor. They are typically made of sturdy materials such as wood (e.g., walnut), light metals (e.g., aluminum, titanium). Axillary crutches are commonly used in pairs to assist in weight bearing and balance; some (i.e., metal) have spring-loaded detents that facilitate adjustment of hand grip height and overall length.

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