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Cryosurgical Units, Ophthalmic

Definition : Cryosurgical units designed for applying extreme cold to eye tissues to destroy abnormal cells. These units usually consist of a hollow probe (cryoprobe) that circulates a cryogenic substance (e.g. liquid nitrogen) to form an ice crystal ball around the cells, which freezes the cells of the tissues with which it comes into contact. Ophthalmic cryosurgical units are used mainly to treat eye tumors (e.g., retinoblastoma), to relieve ingrown eyelashes (trachiasis), for cryoextraction of intracapsular cataracts, and/or to repair retinal detachment.

Entry Terms : "Cryosurgical Systems" , "Erysiphakes" , "Cataract Extraction Units" , "Fragmatomes" , "Extractors, Cataract" , "Cryoextractors"

UMDC code : 11068

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