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Cushions, Chair/Wheelchair Seat

Definition : Cushions designed for use on a chair or wheelchair seat to provide comfort, alleviation of pain, and/or to facilitate positioning of a person. These devices are usually inflatable cushions or devices made of soft cushioning materials (e.g., high-density foam); some cushions include a hole in the center (i.e., a ring cushion). The cushion is usually attached to the chair or wheelchair using, ties, or elastic skirts that fit around the sides and under the seat to hold it in place. Chair/wheelchair cushions are intended to provide comfort and protection of the coccyx (i.e., tailbone) and/or perineal area; they are used mainly by patients undergoing rehabilitation or by geriatric patients. The cushions are frequently designed to reduce pressure points, helping in the prevention of tissue damage; dedicated cushions intended for rehabilitation after hemorrhoid surgery are also available.

Entry Terms : "Pads, Wheelchair" , "Wheelchair Attachments" , "Wheelchair Pads" , "Cushions, Wheelchair" , "Seat Cushions"

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